Emy and Antonio: wedding trailer

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30 April 2018

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Emy and Antonio: wedding trailer

Emy and Antonio: wedding trailer

Very often love is impetuous. Sometimes a glance is enough for a meeting to become crucial. And then everything starts: walks in the moonlight, noisy nightclubs, weekends together; dates, goodbyes, vows of eternal love; engagement; planning the wedding and, finally, the magic notes of the wedding march. It looks like a real mosaic of miraculous transformations, a show with prologue, acts and epilogue. To make this show become evocative and unforgettable, we need a talented director, able to manage such an extraordinary event. In Italy, the most precious award in this field have been given to Francesca Lafratta, whose precious collaboration helped us in writing our luxury wedding’s screenplay, as well as directing and organizing the event.



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