Wedding Planning


Wedding planning



Choosing locations for the ceremony and the wedding reception


Everlasting images. The wedding day is so unique and unrepeatable that in order to live those emotions again it is necessary to freeze them in photos.


Excellence in service. The wedding banquet is a balance of details, which must be dealt with precision and elegance.


The scent of the event. The flowers are the capstone of the party. They can highlight the scenery and make the atmosphere idyllic.


To encourage everyone to be present. The invitation to the wedding day is the first sign of the event, the beginning of the narration of the story, of the union of the wedding couple.


The collaboration with the best professionals in order to propose the most suitable image, is the most delicate task for a Wedding Planner, but it also offers the greatest feeling of pride when looking at the photos of the event.


A beautiful memory of the day. Leave a present to the guests, which is a symbol of the union of the wedding couple or a memory of your event.


The emotions created by the music during the ceremony and the wedding reception are fundamental features in creating the wedding day’s atmosphere.


The bureaucratic process for a marriage is very complicated, especially for people of other nationalities who decide to get married in Italy and I will personally take care of it, considering every detail.

Your Day

Wherever you want to celebrate your love, I will make your dreams come true.

I’ve always succeeded so far … and I am sure I will always be emotionally involved…

My goal is to make your dream come true by an impeccable organization, which requires a lot of commitment and professionalism from me and my staff. At the same time I will try to make the period for the preparation of your event joyful and beautiful.

I make sure that the well-known “stressing moments” of these events will only be mine; on the other hand, the bride and groom will have the opportunity to arrive calmly at the date of the event and to fully enjoy one of the most important days of their lives.

I like to suggest authentic, reserved and exclusive locations, places where you will feel like the hosts on that day.

And do not believe those who will tell you that it is not possible to organize your dream only in a few months and that at the end you cannot have any expectations for it… rely instead on those who have been doing it all this with passion and professionalism for 15 years.

“On the day chosen by you to celebrate your love, you should be happy and allow yourself to fully experience it. Leave the stress to your wedding planner.”

Francesca Lafratta


Le emozioni raccontate dagli sposi