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Food & Events

Love for food

Food was my first love.

It all started with a passion for cooking, for traditional dishes, which later turned into high-end creative cooking.

It was the master chef Adelio Sironi the one who has definitely bewitched me in one of his many courses at the Etoile in Chioggia.

An important contribution to the events that I organize for my clients is given by the Italian Cooking School, the Gambero Rosso and many chef friends who taught me so much, and who still do.

I was born and raised in Apulia and it is in this wonderful region that I chose to live. Sixteen years ago, when I started this activity, I immediately suggested a farm, which was unknown to the local people, to my first wedding couple. Until then, it had been popular only with foreigners, but I thought it was right to propose the real Apulia with its rare beauty.

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